“Gwen Sarandrea methods of healing provide an exemplar of how long-term health and well-being can successfully be approached through small, short-term steps.  As an individual who was on his fourth family by age 7, and then subject to a severely abusive home environment for years thereafter, the need has always been pressing for me to find personal clarity despite the burden of a background that was inevitably highly disorienting.  Among Gwen’s many skills that have been invaluable to me is the way she provides assistance in identifying and working positively with present opportunities so as to minimize the emotional—and self-sabotaging—disruptions carried forward inside me from a troubled past.”  – H.A., Greenbrae, California

“I’m proud to say I’ve known Gwen, and have been working with her, for over 30 years now.  She is much more than just a therapist to me – she is a close friend and mentor as well.  Drawing on her broad range of experience and mastery of many different techniques, Gwen has guided me and encouraged me to grow in directions that wouldn’t have been possible without her expertise and advice.  My sessions with her have allowed me to rid myself of old, negative behavior patterns and free up my energy to create positive experiences in all areas of my life.  I truly would not be the person I am today, or have had all the successes I’ve had in the past 30 plus years without her.”  – M.B., Los Angeles, California

“I have known Gwen Sarandrea for over twenty-five years. During that time I have worked with her as a Tarot reader, energy healer and have also experienced counseling with her for pain management and grief. I have found her methods to consistently be perceptive, insightful and deeply helpful.”  – L.R., Santa Rosa, California

“I have received several psychic readings from Gwen, along with energy work. I have also received psychosynthesis sessions from her. All of it has been very helpful. She is clear in her readings and works with sensitivity and love.”  – J.S., Berkeley, California

“Gwen, thank you from the bottom (and top) of my heart.  Without your help, I would not be able to do any of this!  Your kindness and tenderness are such a help.”  – Elizabeth P., Concord, California

“Dear Gwen, Thank you so much yet again- I really don’t know how I’d get through this without you. You are clearly one of my angels.”  – L.C., Marin County, California

“Gwen, thank you so much for ALL of the time.  I had a lot of pent up stuff.  You were so right.  God Bless.”  – Shirley T., Palm Desert, California


Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries (group workshop)

Reclaim prized photos from closets & scrapbooks & hang them on the wall!

Through beautiful examples of colorful individual & group photo tapestries, Gwen will demonstrate how to showcase your loved ones in framable, original art.

  • Transform your precious photos into original art
  • Group best photos into dynamic visual stories
  • Experience emotions evoked by the grouping
  • Animate personality aspects single photos miss
  • Capture a moment in time with photos you love
  • Empower yourself with principals & guidelines
  • Customize your photos in similar layouts
  • Provide context for an entire experience
  • Create generational keepsakes

Gwen is a portrait photo art expert who’s been developing her unique Montage Mirage style since 1983. Her art has been shown in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For more information or to set up an appointment, click here.

The Healing House, The Gift of Dad’s Final Years (group lecture)

Gwen is available for a group lecture relating to her book “The Healing House, The Gift of Dad’s Final Years.”  This moving lecture will inspire baby boomers who are caring for their aging seniors, and lend support in dealing with aging and dying parents and beloveds.  Gwen shares what she learned from living with her father in his final years.  Topics covered in the lecture include:

  • Inviting her 80-year-old widowed Dad to live with her
  • Remodeling their 1914 home together
  • How the home became a metaphor for their transformation
  • Hospice home death 5 years later with her sister
  • Night before he died
  • Vision of Dad in his Spirit Body on the Other Side was the ultimate gift of Dad’s final years

For more information or to set up an appointment, click here.


Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center, Commemorating 50 Years (book)

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The Marin County Civic Center, designed at the end of Wright’s career, is a National Historic Monument and World Heritage Site. Enjoy 66 color photos of the interior and exterior of the Civic Center in addition to the exterior of the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Marin Exhibition Hall, Fire Dept., Post Office and Lagoon Park.  This beautiful, full-color 8″x 10″ book is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Gwen has been a photo montage artist for over 35 years, and author of the book “Montage Mirage Photo Tapestries, How To Create Photo Art From Your Heart,” containing over 25 full-color montages.  She took over 700 photos of the Marin County Civic Center and trimmed the best down to their essence to create her Civic Center montage poster (available here).  With the publication of “Frank Lloyd Wright’s Marin County Civic Center, Commemorating 50 Years,” she offers the best of these individual intact photos for you to appreciate Wright’s genius.