• A transpersonal psychology using guided visualization, clairvoyant channeling & other effective tools.
  • Gwen’s natural clairvoyance, coupled with 40 years of experience, will pinpoint your problem areas and guide you into establishing a more beneficial foundation.
  • Relationships offer the biggest challenge to most people, relationships to others, to themselves and to their work/career. Gwen is an expert at revealing the faulty premises that often are the basis of difficult relationships in all areas. She will help you transform your old, outdated habits of thinking and feeling into fresh, vibrant, optimized ones that harmonize your life.
  • Uncover hidden dynamics holding unwanted patterns in place then, reprogram what you desire so you experience lasting change. It’s much easier and quicker than you think when working with an expert like Gwen.
  • $150/hr or package of 6 hours @ $120/hr

Phone counseling is confidential & convenient.

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